Digital Workplace


Jumping into the future with solutions to pave the way

Capgemini says that the “future of work has become our present” and lists iObeya in the list of digital solutions that allow them to keep their internal teams and customers working as usual.
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Keeping a competitive advantage and high motivation with the help of digital tools

What is the best way to keep product development moving ahead with Covid-19 looming over us? iObeya partner IAC says that using the right digital tools is one way to keep the edge.
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Avoiding the ineffective meeting trap

The MIT Sloan School of Management knows a few things about being productive. In this recent article, they share pitfalls to avoid and tricks to get ahead in professional collaboration.
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Lean Enterprise


Lean video explainer in Dutch, featuring iObeya

iObeya has never sounded so sweet as in this video by Dutch partner Quint Group! Watch the presentation and demonstration of Digital Visual Management with iObeya at minute 13:00!
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iObeya retrospective with interview

Learn how iObeya came to be what it is today in the retrospective by Outils Numerique, including an interview with iObeya VP and General Manager, Zal Pezhman.
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Airbus uses iObeya as a tool for successful remote working for Agile teams

How can the work of an Agile team operating remotely be streamlined? A member of the Airbus team offers solutions, including iObeya, in this article.
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Banque de France remedies stay-at-home SAFe® rituals with iObeya

Banque de France SAFe® Practitioners continue to work from their homes during the health crisis, successfully completing their fourth remote PI Planning using iObeya.
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300 people strong Agile event @EDF thanks to iObeya

Kudos to the French EDF Sales team who succeeded in making their large scale, distributed PI Planning a digital success with iObeya!
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iObeya selected as training partner by the top SAFe® Transformation Partners in France

The need for digital has come to light for recognized SAFe® trainers around the world. As a SAFe Platform Partner, iObeya is proud to be the chosen partner for the top SAFe Transformation organisations in France, Capgemini and Publicis Sapient Engineering (prev. Xebia), allowing them to continue to deliver their training services in the current context and to create complementary distance learning offers in the future.
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Distributed retrospectives with iObeya for Sapient Engineering

Sapient Engineering recommends iObeya for Retrospectives among other uses in their Survival Kit for working from home.
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